What is MerMay?

Tom Bancroft is running MerMay

The legendary animator Tom Bancroft has a challenge for you this month! Come check it out and join in.

Over on his Instagram account, Tom has created #MerMay, a drawing challenge that invites you to “post a new mermaid drawing every day in May.”

tom's Mermaid

A lot of great artists and animators have already joined in (you can see the results via a search for the #MerMay hashtag) so why not you? It’s a terrific opportunity to stretch your creative skills, and most importantly get some daily practice in. Remember, if you don’t practice, those skills will get rusty and fall apart. Give it a whirl.

Also keep in mind that while Tom’s MerMay art is fantastic and finished with great care, even rough practice on a daily basis will improve your own personal skill. It’s not a competition, it’s a way for we animators to get together and push ourselves as a group. Everyone wins when we all improve!


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what is a way to find the other months scheduled of art themes too?

Hannah Van Weelden

Hey, that’s pretty cool!!!


Sorry for making an offtopic comment. It’s the first time I see this site and I’d probably browse it further if not for the annoying, huge top menu following me while I scroll down. It might be a good idea to change it. It’s just a friendly suggestion.

Hmm indeed. The code shrinking the logo image randomly broke. It’s fixed now! Thanks for the comment.

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