Can you make it in the VFX/Animation industry? Do you need to go to school for it? Can you live from the money you make? What is it like to work in the industry? Check out this in-depth interview with VFX artist Christian Bohm and join the discussion in the comments!

Every now and then you hear shocking things from the animation and VFX industry: There have been scandals like extremely harsh working conditions, mandatory unpaid overtime and uncredited work. Oscar-winning studios like Rhythm & Hues went bankrupt and Digital Domain had their trainees pay them in order to keep their job.

Is this representative of the industry? Should you bury your dreams and get a “real” job?

We talk to 3D Generalist Chirstian Bohm about the state of the industry. Turns out that – despite the occasional scandals – not everything looks quite that grim. At the moment there is a huge demand for content with VFX in TV, VR and AR. However, there are still a lot of things to do on both sides.

And it starts on the side of the artist. Learn how to negotiate (by starting with an offer to set the bar), prove your worth in the first couple of years – oh and don’t be a di… dishonest person.

Watch the video of the interview above and share your experiences, expectations and concerns in the comments below.