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Choose the right translation and rotation modes! 3D animation tip

World, object, gimbal, local? Do you know when and why to animate something in a certain translation or rotation mode? Animator Jacob Frey gives us a tour through the settings in Maya, explains what a gimbal lock is and tells us a useful hidden translation mode called “Live Object Axis”.

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Animation News: Wage fixing cartel, CG styles, expensive Popeye, Glen Keane’s “Duet”

Be an informed animator – watch the latest animation news! There is an illegal wage fixing cartel of big studios, Glen Keane presented his first short after his retirement, “The book of life” distances itself from overused CG styles and some award ceremonies are adapting to the changing animation market… Feel free to discuss the recent events in the comments.

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Giveaway: Digital copy of the feature film Wrinkles

Animated Feature Wrinkles

A while back we reviewed the animated feature “Arrugas.” It comes highly recommended, and today we’re happy to give away a free digital copy of the film in its English translation!


Talkback: Video Quality, Frozen, Placer Node, Getting Interviews

Thank you so much for your feedback and participation in discussions! Ferdinand responds to some comments about video quality, Frozen, the Placer Node and how we get our interview partners.

Don’t Fall in Love With Your Keys

Don't fall in love with your animation keys!
Creating your keys takes a lot of time and thought. You’ve done dozens of thumbnails, thrown out tons of variations that didn’t quite work, and after a lot of refinement, you can see that your keys are strong, functional poses. You tap the keyboard or scrub the timeline and everything looks solid. And then?


Sound – better late than early

Find out how you can make sure that the sound and images in your animation appear in sync. We explore why it’s okay for sound to be heard a little after the visual hit and why it should never ever come before the image.

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The Uncanny Valley


There have always been two sides to the animation medium: On the one hand there’s the opportunity to exaggerate reality; to distort and caricature with the goal to create unseen worlds with their very own wicked logic. On the other hand side is the striving to come as close to reality as possible to create complex illusions or just to test the boundaries of what can be done. While appeal is a challenge in any case, there is a big pitfall on the path to realism: The Uncanny Valley.


Discussion: Frozen – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

JK and Ferdinand have a closer look at Disney’s recent hit “Frozen” and discuss story inconsistencies, the problematic villain twist, the sidekick Olaf and what you can learn from it for your own film making. What do you like and dislike about Frozen? Do the story inconsistencies matter to you? Please feel free to join the discussion in the comments.

10 Second Tip: 100,000 Bad Drawings

100000 Bad Drawings inside you!

An old adage claims we have 100,000 bad drawings in us that we must get out before we can get to the good ones. Today we take a deeper look at that quote.


FMX 2014: Assembling the LEGO movie – Interview with Damien Gray

Setting up the pipeline for the LEGO movie was an unusual challenge. Damien Gray, CG Supervisor from Animal Logic, tells us how they brought the bricks into the computer and made working on the film as open and creative as possible.