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The T-pose – all about this mighty blueprint

The T-pose - all about this mighty blueprint

Have you ever seen a character in this weird T-pose with his legs together, the arms stretched out and a default facial expression? This pose is a vital step for any serious animation production. 3D animators and modelers will often use it as the base of their work and in 2D or stop-motion productions many model sheets depict characters in this way.

But why is it a T and not an X? Does it have to be so stiff and lifeless? Here are some facts, advice and warnings, so you can get the most out of this mighty blueprint.


How Do You Keep Motivated?

How do you as an animator say motivated?

Today we’re going to open things up and have a discussion about motivation! Animation requires practice in order to improve. Sometimes, though, practicing can be a chore. What are some techniques you use to pump yourself up and get things done? How do you motivate yourself when you’d rather take a nap? Leave your thoughts in the comments here and we’ll compile them for a future article on “Animation Motivation!”

Acting Tips from Ed Hooks

Ed Hooks Tips for Acting in Animation

I had the pleasure of attending the Acting for Animators workshop by Ed Hooks at this year’s FMX conference in Stuttgart Germany. Here are a few tips and tricks he mentioned to improve your animation! If you ever get a chance to attend one of his workshops, don’t miss that opportunity!


FMX 2015!


We are at the FMX conference this week, giving lectures and shooting great interviews! If you’re at the festival and see us, feel free to say hi, otherwise we hope you’ll look forward to the updates coming in the weeks to follow. Our panel discussion “What makes good animation?” will be held on Thursday.

Physics in Animation: The Law of Inertia


Get ready to be swept off your feet because today we’re talking inertia! Yep, that’s the physical principle that might literally sweep you off your feet during a bus ride and tosses you around in a roller coaster seat. Now, prepare to find out why it is important for your animation! Professor Alejandro Garcia, who teaches the course “Physics of Animation” at San José State, has returned to tell us about this law of nature that constantly influences you, me, or even a bowl of noodle soup whether still or in motion.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Squash and Stretch

Squash and Stretch in Animation

Today we’ll be taking a look at a fantastic gif that reddit user ‘GallowBoob’ shared recently. A huge tiger leaps up to catch an enormous chunk of raw meat in its jaws before bounding away. By watching this action in slow motion we can get a detailed look at how squash and stretch play an essential part in real world motion, and how we can apply that to our animation work.


10 Second Tip: Understand Non-Animators

How do you deal with non-animators?

One of the most frustrating aspects of being an animator is dealing with certain comments from those not in the industry. Today we offer a short checklist to keep in mind when trying to maintain your sanity as you speak with fellow (non-artist) human beings.


Let’s Burn Out!

Sometimes, let’s face it, you just feel too darn productive. You want, nay, NEED to feel the comforting grip of overwhelming despair, and desire to do nothing but stare at the wall (and simultaneously desperately NOT want to just stare at the wall). Unfortunately all you feel right now is excited anticipation to get things accomplished.

You need to burn out, and fast.

But how?

Here are five simple ways to get off the road to success and find a warm pit of misery to jam yourself down into.


5 Tips to Organize Your Freelance Animation Business

Freelance Animation Business Tips
Starting your own business can be tough. As a freelance animator, you need to juggle between being an artist, an accountant, a marketer, and a decent human being all at the same time! It can be hard to find time when everything around us is calling for our attention.


Giveaway! Dragons 2 vs. The Lego Movie

How to Train Your Dragon 2 vs. The Lego Movie

Come one, come all, and join this animation duel! We’re giving away a copy of either How to Train Your Dragon 2 or The Lego Movie, and YOU will decide which. Leave a comment for a chance to win!