• All animators have two beds: In their bedroom and on their desk at work.

Composition: What is “Breathing Room?”

Breathing Room in Composition for Animation

Great (or even decent) composition can make or break your animation, because composition and layout are the first thing an audience views even before any movement takes place. Today we take a closer look at “breathing room” in composition. What it is, how it works, and when to break the rules and do things “the wrong way.”


Video Editing for Animators

Are you using video editing software during the production of your animated films? Let’s explore the many ways that it can benefit and guide your whole workflow from the animatic all the way to the final export.

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Interview: Ed Hooks Acting for Animators FMX 2014

Legendary acting teacher Ed Hooks tells us about how he got into teaching acting for animators. We also dive into some acting theory, discuss what recent films might be missing in comparison to the old classics and also have a short look at animation in games. Character animators, this is a must-watch!

10 Second Tip: Avoiding Movie Trailers


In the animation community the release of trailers for upcoming films is big news! On any given trailer release day Twitter is overwhelmed by posts about the video, and it’s harder to avoid spoilers than to learn practically everything about the soon-to-be-released movie. Avoiding them, though, might actually be in your best interest.


Choose the right translation and rotation modes! 3D animation tip

World, object, gimbal, local? Do you know when and why to animate something in a certain translation or rotation mode? Animator Jacob Frey gives us a tour through the settings in Maya, explains what a gimbal lock is and tells us a useful hidden translation mode called “Live Object Axis”.

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Animation News: Wage fixing cartel, CG styles, expensive Popeye, Glen Keane’s “Duet”

Be an informed animator – watch the latest animation news! There is an illegal wage fixing cartel of big studios, Glen Keane presented his first short after his retirement, “The book of life” distances itself from overused CG styles and some award ceremonies are adapting to the changing animation market… Feel free to discuss the recent events in the comments.

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Giveaway: Digital copy of the feature film Wrinkles

Animated Feature Wrinkles

A while back we reviewed the animated feature “Arrugas.” It comes highly recommended, and today we’re happy to give away a free digital copy of the film in its English translation!


Talkback: Video Quality, Frozen, Placer Node, Getting Interviews

Thank you so much for your feedback and participation in discussions! Ferdinand responds to some comments about video quality, Frozen, the Placer Node and how we get our interview partners.

Don’t Fall in Love With Your Keys

Don't fall in love with your animation keys!
Creating your keys takes a lot of time and thought. You’ve done dozens of thumbnails, thrown out tons of variations that didn’t quite work, and after a lot of refinement, you can see that your keys are strong, functional poses. You tap the keyboard or scrub the timeline and everything looks solid. And then?