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The Single Biggest Mistake Beginner Animators Make

The biggest mistake beginner animators make!

Animation is complex, and when you’re just starting out it can be both exciting and confusing at the same time. There are plenty of tutorials and books to keep you moving forward, but there’s one pitfall that almost every modern animator makes at the start which dramatically hinders your entire animation career. If you’re an animator, are you making this unconscious mistake?


Realism vs Exaggeration

Realism and exaggeration are opposites? Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that! Find out all about two vital but often misunderstood components of animation and how to use them to bring your animation to a whole new level.

Tips for Drawing: Turning Off Your Brain

Tips for Drawing: Turning off your Brain

One thing that sets the greatest artists apart from the masses is confidence. A confident line can take an average drawing and make it extraordinary. Unfortunately most of us draw with a nervous energy and thousands of thoughts going through our brains every second. To achieve better work, you have to turn that internal noise off.


Where Is Your Art Online?

Where do you keep your artwork online?
Thought we’d try something different today! I’m curious where you put your art and animation online. Do you have your own blog that you keep updated regularly with new work? Fan of DeviantArt, Newgrounds, or Tumblr? Maybe Instagram or Facebook are more your fortes? Leave a comment below and talk about where you like to house your work online for others to enjoy. Feel free to include a link as well if you’d like, and others can stop by and see your efforts!


5 MORE Great Sites Every Animator Should Visit

Five More Great Animation Websites Every Animator Should Know About and Visit
Last year we collected five outstanding animation-related websites that all animators should have on their radar, and today we’re back with another five to add to the list! Did your favorites make it into this year’s compilation?


Talkback: Wage fixing cartel, H.264 gamma bug, Anime, Movie trailers

Once again we have a closer look at all the comments, discussions, questions and tips that you guys left under our videos. What did you guys think about the wage fixing cartel, the “generic” Disney Style and the Anime way of animation? Find out alongside with some great hints about the H.264 gamma bug and a trick to save some disk space when archiving your image sequences.

2 Ways to Make Hand Poses STAND OUT

Way to Make Hand Poses Stand Out for Animation
Today we have two little tweaks for you that are guaranteed to make your hand poses more interesting to look at. Find out how to break symmetry by grouping the fingers and spice up the shapes by mixing angles in these illustrated examples.


Becoming Creative: The Idea Walk

The Idea Walk: An exercise in creativity and idea creation
Last time we touched on the idea of “Pitiful Idea Prison” and how you might be stuck within it and not even realize. Today we begin to make our great escape and dig the tunnel to creative freedom that has zero walls, boundaries, or chains to hold us back! It starts with a little stroll…


Giveaway: The Simpsons Unauthorized History

Giveaway of The Simpsons Book

We’re giving away a free copy of The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History this week, so read on to find out how you can enter!


History, Culture and Future of Animation – Susanne Marschall FMX Interview

While animation is a relatively young art form, it’s rooted deeply in human nature, history and society. Susanne Marschall, professor of Media Studies at Tübingen University, tells us more about understanding animation in a broad cultural and social context. Find out why it is so important to know as much as possible about the past, other cultures and other fields of expertise.

EDIT: Reader Monique Henry-Hudson was kind enough to summarize the video in the event that you’d like a text version as well. Thanks, Monique!