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Animation Targets – Know your speed to make your goals

Animation targets indicate how many seconds of animation you have to get done per week. Find out why it`s vital to know how fast you can animate. Learn five simple factors to estimate and adjust the animation targets of your projects to make sure that you will reach your goals. Watch the video or read the transcript…

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Planning a Production: Why Plan at All?

Why plan in animation?

Do you enjoy planning your production? And I’m not talking about anything content related like research or animatics, I mean schedules, shotlists, cost calculations and the like. Let me guess, the actual work like writing, acting, and posing sounds a lot more fun. However, I can tell you from my own painful experiences that chaotic, unplanned productions will end in chaos, delays or even a dead end and lots of wrecked nerves. That`s why you need to plan and that`s why it`s about time that we dedicate an entire series to this complex but vital issue. Behold our first topic: Why plan?


Animation Styles & Independent Filmmaking – Hannes Rall – FMX 2014

In this interview, independent animation director Hannes Rall pleads for the use of more diverse styles in animation. Find out how and why you should make your work stand out with inventive style choices and hear how you can get your animation career started.

Three Lessons from the Filmmaking Trenches

Filmmaking Lessons

Today we have a guest post from new filmmaker Angelo Thomas, who is currently working on Yellow Brick Road, an animated film set in the Wizard of Oz universe. Angelo shares lessons learned from this intense project so that anyone thinking of starting their own film has a head start in the process.


Character Animation Q&A with Viola Baier – FMX 2014

Meet lovely character animator Viola Baier! She answers a lot of your questions from last year’s FMX Q&A like: What aspects of your animation should you focus on? Why should you animate a bouncing ball? She also gives us a glimpse at her Annie Award winning diploma film “Wedding Cake”.

Wisdom From the Greatest Animator Who Ever Lived

Milt Kahl Quotes on Animation

Milt Kahl is often referred to as the greatest animator who ever lived. There are a few folks who could be in contention for such a title, and Milt certainly belongs in that conversation. His draftsmanship was likely second to none at Walt Disney Studios, and he had a natural feel for the art form. Today we’ve gathered some quotes from this animation master that will hopefully inspire you to take the next big step in your own animation journey!


The Annual Holiday Wishes Post!

Hey Animators and Islanders (and Animator Islanders)! We’ve got a special video message from our own Cornelius and Rolf waiting for you right here:

And from Ferdinand, JK, and the entire Animator Island team, we wish you a very Blanky Blankblank, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Nifty New Year, and any other holiday well-wishes we might gladly wish upon you!

We’ll be off celebrating with family and friends and return with some terrific updates planned in 2015. So see you on January 5th!

You’re Overwhelmed: Now What?

Art can be overwhelming
Some days the deadlines seem to pile up, you feel unequipped to handle the project you’re working on, and/or life has gotten so overwhelming that it seems like you’ll never do all the art you’ve always dreamed of doing. You’re overwhelmed. Now what?


Physics in Animation: How Important Is It?

Principles of Animation Physics #1
As an animator, why do you need to know physics? After all, you’re an artist, not an engineer.
Today Professor Alejandro Garcia, teacher of the course “Physics of Animation” at San Jose State, discusses the Principles of Animation Physics, and exactly what you need to know as an animator.


Interview: Physics for Animators – Alejandro Garcia

Whether you’re animating something “cartoony” or realistic, having a good understanding of physics can help to place your characters and special effects in a consistent and believable world. In this interview with Alejandro Garcia, professor of physics at San Jose State University and consultant for Dreamworks, we talk about the does and don’ts, common challenges and storytelling devices that we animators can learn from physics, as well as how to get the best out of real life references. For more visit Alejandro’s blog: animationphysics.org