Upcoming Workshop: Get Shot Done

Create the highlight of your demoreel

Do you want to create a fantastic shot for your demoreel to really impress a studio?

Or do you have an idea you always wanted to animate?

Start 2018 by creating your best animation yet. Learn how to polish your concept, acting and animation in this exclusive workshop.

6 online meetings over the course of 4 weeks starting February 3rd

save 25% until January 15th

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Why You Should Try Art Commissions

All artists should try art commissions
Commissions are a great way to improve your skill, build an audience, and share your talent with others. Today we’ll take a look at art commissions and why (plus how) you should consider giving them a shot!

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Moana – You’re Welcome

The song “You’re Welcome” from Disney’s Moana has some really interesting animation in it. Let’s learn from the masters and see what you can do to improve your own work!

Character Design Practice: Shapes

Character Design for Animators: Shapes
Designing characters around base shapes for contrast and appeal is a time-tested tradition among animators. Today we’ll go over that process and then leave you with a free worksheet of shapes to transform into characters, improving your art and design skills!

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Are You Using Reference Correctly?

Artists work to capture the magic of life and transpose it onto a canvass. Whether the medium is animation, digital illustration, charcoal drawings, or any number of other art styles, reference is key. But many animators are using reference incorrectly. Are you one of them?

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