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What is MerMay?

Tom Bancroft is running MerMay

The legendary animator Tom Bancroft has a challenge for you this month! Come check it out and join in.


Animation Exercise: Judy Hopps Keyframe

Animation and Drawing Exercise from Zootopia and Judy Hopps

Keeping with the Lessons From Zootopia theme from last week’s update, today we’ve got an exercise for you to tackle! After all, practice makes perfect.


Lessons From Disney’s Zootopia

Animator Lessons from Disney's Zootopia Animation

Disney’s Zootopia has quickly climbed to the number one spot of… well, pretty much every list, it seems like. An incredible score of 98% on Rottentomatos, 8.4/10 on imdb and it even broke Frozen’s opening week box office record (gasp). So, what is it that so many people like about this film? Let’s take a look at what makes Zootopia special and what we as animators can learn from it.


To-Do or Not To-Do… Lists

To Do Lists for Animators and Artists

Hey all you Animator-islanders, this week we’re bringing you a few tips on to-do lists. Do you need them? When should you use them? What can you do if they just don’t seem to be helping?


10 Second Tip: Always Anticipate

Anticipation in Animation

Anticipation is one of the Principles of Animation, but where and when should it be used? Does every action need an anticipation? Does it really make a difference?


Hero = Protagonist = Main Character?

Discussing heros vs. protagonists vs. main characters

Is there a difference between the hero, the main character, and the protagonist? Does a sidekick sharing 90% of screen time with the hero count as one of the main characters? There is a lot of confusion about these terms. Let’s see if we can sort this out…


Animation Thumbnails Aren’t Optional

Animation Thumbnails are Extremely Important

Animation takes time. A lot of time. More time than many sane people might dedicate to the production of a few seconds of something moving across a screen. Why, then, do so many young animators gamble when it comes to producing great animation?


Happy Christmastime!

Merry Christmas from Animator Island

We’re off for the holiday season, as usual, and will return on January 11th, 2016 with all-new updates and animation goodness! Ferdinand and I both wish you the merriest of holiday seasons and tremendous joy as 2015 draws to a close. Thanks for your support this past year, and here’s to a great new one as the calendar rolls over!


Are you burning bridges behind you?

Social Tips for Animators
Don’t we all try to be as nice and polite as possible? Yet when it comes to working professionally, most everybody makes mistakes in the mine-field of social interaction. Here are some of the traps you might be walking into right now that could keep people from collaborating with you ever again.


Animation Looping Tips

Hi, readers! My name is Eran, I’m an illustrator, animator and animation director. Recently I’ve been creating more and more animated loops. Looping is fun! And it’s a great method for economizing the animation process. It’s very well suited to short projects, and some of my favorite pieces are based solely on loops.

In this post I’ll share some looping tips with you. I’ll go over my work process, and the pointers I use while designing characters and animating them. -CONTINUE READING-