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The Annual Holiday Wishes Post!

Hey Animators and Islanders (and Animator Islanders)! We’ve got a special video message from our own Cornelius and Rolf waiting for you right here:

And from Ferdinand, JK, and the entire Animator Island team, we wish you a very Blanky Blankblank, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Nifty New Year, and any other holiday well-wishes we might gladly wish upon you!

We’ll be off celebrating with family and friends and return with some terrific updates planned in 2015. So see you on January 5th!

You’re Overwhelmed: Now What?

Art can be overwhelming
Some days the deadlines seem to pile up, you feel unequipped to handle the project you’re working on, and/or life has gotten so overwhelming that it seems like you’ll never do all the art you’ve always dreamed of doing. You’re overwhelmed. Now what?


Physics in Animation: How Important Is It?

Principles of Animation Physics #1
As an animator, why do you need to know physics? After all, you’re an artist, not an engineer.
Today Professor Alejandro Garcia, teacher of the course “Physics of Animation” at San Jose State, discusses the Principles of Animation Physics, and exactly what you need to know as an animator.


Interview: Physics for Animators – Alejandro Garcia

Whether you’re animating something “cartoony” or realistic, having a good understanding of physics can help to place your characters and special effects in a consistent and believable world. In this interview with Alejandro Garcia, professor of physics at San Jose State University and consultant for Dreamworks, we talk about the does and don’ts, common challenges and storytelling devices that we animators can learn from physics, as well as how to get the best out of real life references. For more visit Alejandro’s blog: animationphysics.org

The Magic is NOT in Your Hands


As some of you might have seen in the talkback video, I recently started learning magic… well, magic tricks since real magic doesn’t seem to exist, it’s as close as I can get. It’s not only a relaxing hobby, it also taught me a lot that I can use for animation and storytelling. While I expected to learn things like directing attention or providing information in a such a way that it will not be questioned by the audience, the scope of the biggest lesson caught me a little off guard: It’s not the magician who makes the magic, it’s the audience.


The Single Biggest Mistake Beginner Animators Make

The biggest mistake beginner animators make!

Animation is complex, and when you’re just starting out it can be both exciting and confusing at the same time. There are plenty of tutorials and books to keep you moving forward, but there’s one pitfall that almost every modern animator makes at the start which dramatically hinders your entire animation career. If you’re an animator, are you making this unconscious mistake?


Realism vs Exaggeration

Realism and exaggeration are opposites? Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that! Find out all about two vital but often misunderstood components of animation and how to use them to bring your animation to a whole new level.

Tips for Drawing: Turning Off Your Brain

Tips for Drawing: Turning off your Brain

One thing that sets the greatest artists apart from the masses is confidence. A confident line can take an average drawing and make it extraordinary. Unfortunately most of us draw with a nervous energy and thousands of thoughts going through our brains every second. To achieve better work, you have to turn that internal noise off.


Where Is Your Art Online?

Where do you keep your artwork online?
Thought we’d try something different today! I’m curious where you put your art and animation online. Do you have your own blog that you keep updated regularly with new work? Fan of DeviantArt, Newgrounds, or Tumblr? Maybe Instagram or Facebook are more your fortes? Leave a comment below and talk about where you like to house your work online for others to enjoy. Feel free to include a link as well if you’d like, and others can stop by and see your efforts!


5 MORE Great Sites Every Animator Should Visit

Five More Great Animation Websites Every Animator Should Know About and Visit
Last year we collected five outstanding animation-related websites that all animators should have on their radar, and today we’re back with another five to add to the list! Did your favorites make it into this year’s compilation?