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3 Crucial Tips for Cinematic Authors


Okay guys, so our last FMX 2016 article covered some specific tips to consider when creating characters for your films. Now we’re going to look at some general story creation advice that you should keep in mind from conception to final product. Ready? Here comes some more lightning quick tips expanded on from advice given by FMX speaker Christopher Lockhart in his lecture Could Your Story be a Movie?:


Talkback: Wage fixing cartel, H.264 gamma bug, Anime, Movie trailers

Once again we have a closer look at all the comments, discussions, questions and tips that you guys left under our videos. What did you guys think about the wage fixing cartel, the “generic” Disney Style and the Anime way of animation? Find out alongside with some great hints about the H.264 gamma bug and a trick to save some disk space when archiving your image sequences.