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11 Second Club February – Let’s rate and learn In this live stream I will have a look at this month's 11 Second Club competition entries (February 2018). Let's rate, comment, analyze, share some advice and have a good time 😄

Live Animation Session 01 – 11Secondclub February 2018 In this live stream we talked about creature animation, why I animate body parts that aren't seen, if you should you do more courses after you finished your diploma and how to plan overlaps in 3D. All while you can watch me...

Out of Practice? Start Here

Right to the point: If you haven’t practiced animation in a while, you will be worse at it now than when you last animated something. How can you fix this? Read on. First, we need to remember this is normal. It can be painful to return to something we were once good...

Acting, Art and Animation / Ed Hooks Interview FMX 2017 In this interview with Ed Hooks we explore acting, the importance of a creator's personal touch, independent animation and some lessons we can learn from Walt Disney, Robert DeNiro and... Bill Clinton.

How to Become an Animator – Webinar Replay How do you become an animator? Should you go to animation school? How can you teach yourself and improve your skills? What animation software should you use? Live webinar from December 30th.