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5 MORE Great Sites Every Animator Should Visit

Last year we collected five outstanding animation-related websites that all animators should have on their radar, and today we’re back with another five to add to the list! Did your favorites make it into this year’s compilation?

(You can find numbers 1-5 by clicking here.)

#6 Frame by Frame

Melissa Wolfert
operates a fantastically simple blog right here that takes clips of amazing animation and breaks it down into still images so you can see what’s happening! Several of our “Studying the Masters” series clips have been inspired by this website, and you owe it to yourself to add a permanent bookmark to Frame-by-Frame so you don’t miss a single animated update. The tips you can pick up through this type of study can be career changing!

#7 Skwigly Online Animation Magazine

The fine folks at Skwigly provide an assortment of animation news and related articles, and more, but the real gem of this site is their weekly Animation Chat. Harkening back to days gone by (remember chat rooms? AOL? Ah, the times that were had!) you can join your fellow animators online and shoot the breeze about industry related happenings, the latest animated releases, or just what you had for supper last night. To figure out what time it takes place in where you live see this handy chart.

#8 The Animation Anomaly

Charles Kenny brings a perspective on the animation industry that you simply don’t see every day. It might be because he’s a civil engineer by trade, but more likely it’s due to his passion for the animated medium and a tight, well developed writing style. While you won’t find direct tips on animation skill sets here, what you can discover is an insight into the “why” of film, marketing, and possible futures of our industry. He also breaks down many of the most interesting- but often overlooked- bits of animation news from the previous week in a short and sweet newsletter.

#9 Living Lines Library

“Librarian” Peter Nagy (animator by profession) pulls together a visual feast of pencil tests, model sheets, and behind the scenes goodies at the Living Lines Library. Though I can never seem to remember the blog address, livlily, when I most need it, this treasure trove is a great place to go to be truly inspired. From documentaries to production art, you can get lost in this library and be quite content to never find your way back out.

#10 Rotoscopers

While we can never recommend you stoop to the actual art of rotoscoping (the mo-cap of 2D animation), the Rotoscopers website is a terrific and very positive place to find the latest mainstream animation news (and some terrific editorials and features). The most intriguing part for we animators is that this site is developed and frequented by FANS of our art form, less-so animators themselves. This provides us with a look at our industry from the eyes of folks not directly inside, which can be invaluable while we decide what to create, how to create it, and how best to connect with the audience at large. See what normal, non-sleep-deprived real world people have to say about the work we dedicate our lives to!

What’s Next?

That sums up our list for this edition, what do you think? Do you already frequent any of the sites above? Life changed (hopefully for the better) by us introducing you to one of them? Let us know in the comments below, and also if there are any other websites for animators to know about that you feel should be included in a list like this. Who knows, maybe your suggestion will make it into numbers 11-15!

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Rebekka R.

Really nice list you have made up here. If you continue with another five I would highly recommend adding the website http://floobynooby.blogspot.com/ as well. They have a great updates of videos and things and it is inspirational to see how much animation is being done. ^.^


Out with the old, in with the new!


Thanks for your list. I am adding these to my places to visit.


Around all the places I have visit online, these are very good!


Really good list, thanks. You should do one with the top online animation schools people are always asking about them.


Great links thanks for the shoutout!


Hey I wanna post my 2d animations online so plz tell me a site which is free and versatile

Ferdinand Engländer

You want to post clips you animated? Probably, Instagram for short animations, YouTube and Newgrounds for longer videos.