Animator’s May in a nutshell

The “In a Nutshell” series is a monthly collection of linked tips, news, trailers and tutorials from around the web. It also contains the best posts from our Facebook and Twitter pages in case you missed them there. Plus, Talkback from Animator Island readers!

:: News
  • Glenn Keane talks about his future plans

    As you may know, animation legend Glenn Kean recently retired from Disney. In this interview he talks about his future plans, revealing his wish to animate in a style that still shows his original line, instead of a clean up done by another artist.


  • Competition by Tom Bancroft
    Animation veteran Tom Bancroft has set up a competition to promote his new book. He challenges us to draw three poses of a character based on his modelsheet. It’s a good exercise to see if you can stay on model. Check it out!
  • 365 Days of Ward Kimball
    Amid from cartoonbrew launched a tumblr blog that will give a daily peak into Ward Kimball’s life and work. He is known for animating Jiminy Cricket in Pinnochio, the crows in Dumbo, the Mad Hatter and the Ceshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, as well as for directing several shorts.


:: Trailers

“Ernest et Célestine” is a promising feature film from France based on a children’s book. Lovely art style (surprisingly done in Flash), very catchy music and gorgeous animation. Take a look:


Disney is putting together something very unusual that is sure to be especially enjoyed by the video game nerds among us:


Madagascar 3 is now in theaters:

:: Inspiration

In 2D animation, smear frames and multiples are often used to create motion blur. This website collects crazy examples from a wide variety of sources. Have a look!

Dreamworks animators put this masterpiece of silliness together as an opening for an acting workshop. Isn’t being an animator just the best?


:: Shorts

This old Disney short movie, an awesome interpretation of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale from the wolf’s point of view, was locked up in the vault for a long time. The makers recently put it online, and it’s a delight. Very unusual storytelling, very unusual art:


:: AnimatorIsland in Chinese

Wow! Someone is putting a lot of work into translating some of our articles to Chinese (this one for example), and we didn’t even know about it until recently. We want to share our articles with as many people as possible, and it’s a great feeling that some of them are found so useful that they get translated. Thank you very much guys, it’s a big honor to us!

:: Upcoming festivals in June

Annecy! Annecy! Annecy!

For festival dates and information, as well as a handy list of deadlines visit:

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that disney clip is super super super strange. no wander they never released it! Good day!

J.K. Riki

I have to say, the trailer for Wreck it Ralph looks fantastic. I didn’t even know about this film, but now it is a must see for me!

Anyone go to Annecy? One day I’d like to get over there for one…


A lot of my Filmakademie friends went to Annecy, facebook was full of it – I´m so jealous… Well, maybe next year. Hah, maybe we meet there ^^
Wreck it Ralph looks very promising indeed. Amazing that they kept the project so unknown to the public until it’s almost completely done instead of making an “ALL YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS IN ONE MOVIE” campaign a year before release, especially because retro-gaming is so hip at the moment. I hope it’s more than a merchandise collection, but at least the trailer feels like there is more to it.


What about Brave coming out next week?? Missed a big 1.


Well, I haven’t quite figured out yet what this section needs to cover, whether it should provide a recap of what’s happened in the last month or more general announcements. Since our capacity is not sufficient enough to cover all up-to-date animation news, and there are enough other sites posting every short film and trailer they can find (which we intentionally don’t do), I figured I could be more selective and push things that need attention (or that we like). Not completely objective, I admit, but I highly doubt that there is any animator who doesn’t know about Brave yet.

J.K. Riki

Also Brave comes out in June, not May. 🙂


I hope that mouse animation film comes over here to Canada, it looks great! I speak a little french, maybe I can import it.