Inertia, Drag & Follow-Through

This tutorial continues right where our free animation tutorial for beginners left off.

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Watch our free tutorial first

This tutorial will give you a headstart

How inertia and forces start and stop motions

Important animation terms: Drag, Follow-through, Overlap, Pose to Pose, Straight ahead and more

Step-by-step exercises to help you master the principles: Animate a tail behind a bouncing ball in 2D and 3D (Krita and blender)

1-hour, in-depth.

$24 $19

These extras are included:

Access to our ELITE facebook group

Exclusive for students only

Post your work and get feedback on it

Exclusive members only events

Ball rig for blender

High quality rig for creating stunning bouncing ball animations

Flexible squash controller that can be rotated around the ball.

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