Story & Comedy – How to make it work / Interview

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Discover how writers, storyboarders but also animators and the actors developed the story and comedy of the recent LEGO movies. In this interview filmmaker Trisha Gum talks about story development and comedic timing.

Find out how jokes have to be tweaked throughout the process as they go through storyboards, animatics and animation. Last but not least we hear about the organization WIA women in animation who fights for equality for women in the animation and VFX industry.

Trisha Gum worked as the head of story for the LEGO Batman movie and the co-director for the LEGO movie 2. At the FMX 2019 a conference for animation, VFX and VR she talks about the stories for these animated feature films have been developed and how all the different creative artists contribute and influence what we see on screen.

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Jude John

You can write a nice/good story only from your creativity.