We got hacked :( everything should be back to normal

Animator Island was hacked. Don’t worry, payment details (e.g. when purchasing premium content) are not stored on our server, and therefore have not been affected and are always secure.

Malicious code was injected into some php files and caused random redirects to scam websites since July 29th, 2020. I took immediate action when I noticed it on Ausgust 1st and cleaned up the site. I will use the help of an expert to figure out the extent of what happened.

Email addresses might have been exposed (we will verify this in the upcoming days). Passwords are encrypted securely, however if you use weak passwords for anything associated with your email address, you might want to consider changing them.

Privacy and security have always been a high priority for me. I deeply regret that this happened, and I will look into even more options to keep Animator Island safe and secure.

Although Animator Island is a very small, personal project, we always treat hosting, payment processing and privacy protection with the highest possible standards.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

  • Any sensitive payment details (credit card numbers) are never stored on our server, but are directly processed by Stripe and Paypal.
  • We regularily use Malcare and other security tools to scan for malware and combat attacks.
  • Our hosts Cloudways and Digital Ocean take care of server side security and firewalls.
  • You can opt-in and out of most cookies and external data processing through our cookie consent pop up (and later you can adjust your choices on our privacy policy page).

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me.

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