Will you look at that? Animator Island is 10 years old!

This month marks the day in 2011 when JK and Ferdinand began this online adventure to share all their animation knowledge. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! There’s plenty more to see and share, so we’re looking forward to continuing as 2021 ends and 2022 begins.

For now we wanted to say “Happy Anniversary, Animator Island!” and take a look back at some of the most popular and/or useful articles and videos from the last decade. If you missed any of these updates, now is the time to check them out!

51 Great Animation Exercises

How can we not begin with the Godfather of all AI articles? Truly the 51 Animation Exercises have become a phenomenon all their own. Even animators who don’t visit the site have heard of “The 51 Exercises” now, and thousands have worked their way through them to improve their own skills.

Animating to Music

There are many key elements if you want to animate to music, and in this classic article Ferdinand walks you through exactly what you need to know.

Studying the Masters

It’s amazing how much we can learn by breaking down the work of animation masters. See how scenes from your favorite animated films look one frame at a time, and the secret moves the pros use.

Protect your art: Copyright for Artists

Absolutely must-know information for anyone doing art of any kind in the modern era.

Top 3 Lessons from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This live-action + hand-drawn film was ahead of its time, and we can still learn amazing lessons from it! Here are three tips to keep with you as you create your own work.

Mastering Animation

This ongoing series will be the biggest and most in-depth animation tutorials we’ve ever produced, this is where Ferdinand will guide you step by step through EVERYTHING you need to know. It is going to be a massive collection, and it all starts here!

It’s been a wonderful experience!

Thank you so much for reading, whether you’ve been with us for the whole 10 years or just arrived recently. We’ll keep working hard to bring you great content. Remember, we’re all in this Animation thing together! 😀

Lots of love,

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