10 Second Tip: Say Goodbye

Animator Island brings you lots of tips and tricks to add to your skill set in order to improve along your animation journey. Today, though, we discuss what you may already be doing that is seriously harming your artistic reputation!

Thanks to the constant connection of the Internet, artists are easier to find than ever. As a result, most of us create websites dedicated to our art and/or life. One of the easiest ways to do that is through a simple blog. With a few clicks we can set up a digital billboard just for us and put out into the world all that we’re working on or have previously created.

Unfortunately because of the amount of content and interaction online pulling us in every direction (Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart, Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest, countless message boards, etc.) our online presence can seriously suffer. Have you ever ended up on an amazing blog through various links only to find the last update was 9 months ago? Then you wonder “Is this person gone? Did they move to another type of social media instead? Were they kidnapped by Hungarian Gangsters?”

If that 9-month-outdated-blog belongs to YOU, know that you’re really hurting your reputation and chances for networking by abandoning what you previously created.
All things must come to an end, of course, so TELL PEOPLE if that’s the case! Write one last entry that says “Thanks to everyone who has visited over the years! I will be leaving this blog to work on a new film/pursue cat photography/become a monk.” This simple, decent act can let the world know they shouldn’t be bookmarking your blog only to be disappointed with each passing week lacking updates. It also shows potential employers or clients that you do not just leave projects by the wayside if something better comes along.

It takes two minutes to do, so go get it done if you’ve long abandoned a faithful blog. And tune in next Monday for more animation tips!

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Wait are you quitting doing Animator Island updates???? 🙁


you scared me.
at first i thought you going to close this blog. ^_^”


I like how you specify the gangsters as being Hungarians 😀


lol I have blogs I don’t even remember the login and password too anymore! Haha they will never be updated again and I can’t even get in to say that!


I must confess I myself have fallen victim to the bad habit of deserting a blog. I spent so long crafting it and updating it for years but I was young and most of it was trash. Then for a month or two I failed to update and each time I thought about it I considered the fact that I had let it go for so long already and I didn’t want to face the music as such. It still sits forgotten in the bowels of the web. Perhaps I will use this as a chance to go say one last faretheewell to anyone who still looks at it. Except I doubt a single person does, so it would be a waste of time.


I hate when people do that!!!!

P. Wright

I find so many good blogs but then I see they are from 2010 and it makes me really sad because there is not even a message that says here is where I am moving to like tumblr or something!


Easy to understand, I like it! More people need to do this.


It is right and doing good work, Thanks for sharing these at your site with us. Please keep sharing ………


nice information everybody.


they will never be updated again and I can’t even get in to say that!thanks


Great, thanks for all the helpful info!

Witsel Carry

Very helpful info, I like it.

Your Tutorials is beautiful.The stuff you are using that is very useful and helpful…


Nice post. I like your site. Thanks for sharing. 😀


Yeah, that’s very disappointing when it happens. Thanks for the reminder!


Helpful tips and tricks. I’m glad hare. Thanks

Olivia Taylor

love the article…but its so sad to leave a place build so hardly……..

This is a good tips there is o doubt ./

Driving School

Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.