Feet in Animation – Part 2

The second half of our “Feet in Animation” series by Joshua Taback, including a downloadable PDF of the entire art tutorial at the bottom! Hot off the presses!

-If you have yet to read part one of the Feet In Animation series, please click here to go to it.

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For the complete feet tutorial in PDF form simply use this link to download the file from Animator Island. You can print it out and use it as handy reference to keep forever beside your desk!

If this series and tutorial has been helpful to you, we ask only that you share it with other artists and animators. We write these articles to benefit everyone out there, so sharing it with more people is a good way to get the info to all! Thanks for helping the creatives of the world. 🙂

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Downloaded thanks!


Ya ya! Very helpful thank you! I would like to read even more of these.


The balance thing is the thing I always have the most trouble with because I don’t know how much weight goes where in the 3D models. Is there some way to make the program do it like balance the whole model by moving the pose or something:?


Very helpful thanks


I can not tell you how much this helped me!! Something just clicked in my brain and now it makes a lot more sense!