Giveaway: Creating Animated Cartoons with Character

Creator of Rocko’s Modern Life (and others) Joe Murray presents a terrific book detailing developing and producing YOUR own series for TV, the Web, and short film! Now you can win a free copy from Animator Island, read on for details.

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With chapters detailing how to get your series idea out of your head and onto paper, plus Secrets to a Great Series, Creating Animated Cartoons with Character is a great addition to any animator’s personal library. Fully illustrated with over 230 pages of content, here’s how you can get a copy today!

Just leave a comment on this article between September 23rd 2013 and October 18th 2013 to enter for your chance to receive this book from Animator Island. Be sure to include your name and a valid email address in the required field so if you win we can contact you to ship your prize! What should your comment be about? Tell us what YOUR favorite animated TV series of all time is/was!

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You can look here for a complete list of rules and regulations. Good luck, and happy animating!

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The Simpsons for me! But I did also love Rocko back in th e day. I wish it was still on what a unique show.

Kane Pickerill

The Ren & Stimpy Show!

Kathryn Wood

I think my current favourite TV series is Adventure Time, and I also love Phineas and Ferb, and Ed, Edd n Eddy. My 3rd parent was pretty much Cartoon Network when I was a kid so I love the 90s classics!

Sabina K

I’ll try my luck this time 😀
My favorite animated series of all time is ‘avatar the last airbender’! Awesome show! Also a big fan of Gravity Falls and TMNT! 😉

Atreya Dey

It’s unfair to choose just one, but Tom and Jerry is the one I will select!

Kristin Philpot

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite series, but one of them would have to be Danny Phantom. Not only did I grow up watching it, I continue to watch reruns to this day. I’ve always loved it.


It’s hard to pick a favorite series, there’s so many! Although, there’s one animated series I will never stop loving, and that would be Invader Zim. It’s a shame it got cancelled, but the best shows always do.

Ernest Skocdopole

Favorite animated series – Pink Panther

Tobias Kummer

Hard decision, but I’d say Tom & Jerry

Emmanuel Menjivar

Oh my favorite series of all time would definitely have to be the first 12 seasons of The Simpsons. I even started reading John Swartzwelder’s original novels cause they’re just as hilarious.


Family Guy all the way! (: I’d really like to have this book, great give-away! Cheers.

Raphael Soulage

Joe Murray’s Rocko’s Modern Life is one of my favorite animated series because of the cool all out wackiness, but my all time favorite would have to be Everett Peck’s Duckman.

Jesse J. Jones

Of all time? Easily John K.’s Ren & Stimpy Show! Was so different from anything else when it first came out, and its gross, immature humor and balls-to-the-wall animation, continues to be an inspiration to animators everywhere!

Best of luck to everyone! 🙂

Ivonne Solther

Rocko’s Modern Life was one of my all time favourites back in the 90’s! After watching mostly Hannah-Barbera toons while growing up, Rocko and its contemporary cartoons on Nickelodeon were HUGE for me and my siblings!!

Jorge Díaz

As the one before have already said, it is kinda tough to choose just one series, however, Courage the Cowardly Dog has always have a don’t-know-what that makes it so special to me =)



One of my oldest memories about animated tv series is “The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo”. I love the character and the story.


That’s a really hard question for me… but if I had to go with one, I’d have to go with the Adventures of Tintin. Even though I started watching it as a kid, I still enjoy them to this day. 🙂

Matt Bullock

I loved (and still love) “Kablam!”, and my favorite segment was “Action League Now.”

Elliot Crutchley

It has to be the “looney Toons” for me. As they were rooted right at the core of my love of story and animation throughout my childhood and I still enjoy them now as a Professional Animator. It’s pure entertainment that is timeless. The sort of work that inspires me on a daily basis.

Howard Wimshurst

Hmm, that’s a tough question. I’d say my favorite TV series is Futurama. Although I was never inspired by it’s animation, I have seen just about every episode at least twice and it still makes me laugh.

I think my runner up would be Storm Hawks on Cartoon network. It’s characters and plot are a big influence in my writing today, and the animation quality is quite impressive.


Although Rocko had some odd funny moments like killing turkeys with a falling piano, I have to go for Animaniacs on this one.

Mike cotton-russell

Awesome post. Favourite show…. Umm, Looney tunes, no wait , tex avery…..uhhh pinky and the brain, ahhhh its too difficult. I think i’ll stick with looney tunes. 🙂


Washington Rayk

Adventure time or Futurama,i guess.

Felix Heinze

For me it’s The Ren and Stimpy Show, followed by Futurama! 😀

Olubunmi john

For me…its rocko’s modern life…im a great fan..and i’ll be glad if joe murray can award me the book…cheers

Olubunmi john

For me its rocko’s modern life…i hope joe murray will award me a free copy of his book as a diehard fan of his show!

Alex Vvedensky

Its not easy, but my most liked ones are spongebob, simpsons, ren and stimpy and adventure time. I think my mst fav one will always be spongebob tho (first 3 seasons ofc). Just because of the childhood memories. As for the one that changed the animated world, i would go for simpsons, though adventure time and ren and stimpy are really close.

Andrew Thomas

I’ve been dying to get this book! Joe Murray is a huge inspiration to me, and I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with him last year.

My favorite cartoon show of all time is probably Spongebob. It’s always been hilarious and everyone knows certain quotes or instances from the show!

dominic caplan

For serialized story and design: Avatar/Tron:Uprising
For consistent writing and always making me smile: The Simpsons
For artistic quality: Samurai Jack
For comfort: Looney Tunes
But for teaching me that animation is universal – the series I watched when living in France as a kid for a few weeks even though I didn’t speak French: Inspector Gadget


Tough question .. but I think I’d have to go with Futurama.

Jirair Garabedian

Regular show OHHHHHHHH!!!

Lusine Sahakyan

My favorite animated TV series is Adventure Time

Matt Jordan

A tough one for me as well. I really like the first season of Jim Henson’s Dog City: it’s full of hand-drawn noir goodness. Ask me tomorrow, though, and I’ll likely pick something else. 🙂

Kourtni Betcher

theres so many good ones ^-^ i loved secret squirrel and pound puppies and popples and ed edd and eddy and…..wait…thats more than one lol see told you there were many XD


Hm… I think I’ll go with my old childhood heroine, Sailor Moon. It’s so inclusive of non-heteronormative gender and sexual identities, promotes peaceful conflict-solving, it’s pretty, and it’s girls being given a lot of power and responsibility and simply handling the fuck out of it. It’s shaped me very much.

Donald Olsen

My favorite cartoon of all time is Doug. The reason being is that I could relate to him because of his imagination and being an artist. I also look like him.


I love all cartoons! No favorites here! I WANT TO WIN!!


My all time favorite was The Flintstones! Call me old fashioned but I just loved that show and remember waiting for it to come on TV each week. I made my own Flintstone car out of sticks and rocks and was constantly drawing the characters and scenes. I didn’t know nor care that it was “limited animation” to keep up with their weekly schedule, I just loved it!


My favorite series would be indeed “Hey Arnold”. Portrays the simplicity, and transcendental value of life, without any kind of super powers or overdone action. Seeing it as an adult, still makes me do some questions to myself and brings the nostalgia of that unforgettable, endless summer.


It’s hard to pick just one but I’d say The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack but truly i have about thirty favorites.


Ren & Stimpy! I’d watch it religiously.

Happy! Happy! Joy !Joy!

Coy Powers

Ufffff…. if I had to pick one, I’d say Batman Beyond, though I love the Disney afternoon stuff from when I was ‘younger’, and Animaniacs, Rocko, Futurama, Transfor-… Let’s stay with Batman Beyond.


Hmm, that’s a tough one. Favorite animated series of all time?

But I’ll say.. probably Gargoyles.
Though I also really like Mushi-shi and Freakazoid. There are two cartoons that may never have been mentioned together before.


My favorite animated series was Disney afternoon especially the Goofy’s one


I absolutely LOVE Futurama! 😀


My favorite series was and still is Aladdin Animated Series. I still remember the moment when I first saw it.. I was in 4th class, it was the first time I saw humans animated so beautifullyin Animation. Later my dad told its all hand drawn I was mesmerized by it. Somehow my life quest of animation began with the Aladdin Animated series.

The older I got the more I am loving the world, the characters , voice acting, animation in it.
It’s the best series because it has explored the world , the villains so much. And its for studying too, it has really different and unique personalities, A monkey and carpet who came talk , A bird that talks, Aladdin with lots and lots of cool body mechanics actions ,and A gennie who is insanely dynamic , continues too surprise with the acting and actions , finally the cool fantasy world with limitless possibilities.

For all of my childhood I never knew why Gennie was free until I saw the movie after 12 – 13 years. I didn’t know they made movie first .. I know no body asked why I love the series but I just thought it might be good place to write… 😛

Chris E

That’s a hard one. If I have to pick one It would be the Flintstones. I loved all the ones from Looney Tunes to Tom and Jerry.

Justin Miller

Wile coyote and the road runner were my absolute favorite!

CGI Calvin

Damn how did I miss this?