How Do You Keep Motivated?

Today we’re going to open things up and have a discussion about motivation! Animation requires practice in order to improve. Sometimes, though, practicing can be a chore. What are some techniques you use to pump yourself up and get things done? How do you motivate yourself when you’d rather take a nap? Leave your thoughts in the comments here and we’ll compile them for a future article on “Animation Motivation!”

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Personal sketchbook keeps me motivated.


The Pomodoro technique offers one of the best ways of getting things done. And if you work along people that are engaged, there is no boring talking head, walk cycle or polishing that you cannot get done on time.

Ferdinand Engländer

I had to google the Pomodoro technique. Seems really interesting, I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing!


I listen to really loud music – it never fails to get me moving and working harder.


Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. He did freelance in high school so he learned early on that you have to keep motivated or you don’t get paid. For him it was making deadlines beyond the final deadline. Like in one week he would have to do all his thumbnails and then the next week would be for color comps. He treated every deadline like the final one that he wouldn’t get paid if he missed.

Miss Candace S.

I read ALLOT of articles about this subject! Like this one: It is important to keep motivated, and I think everyone works differetly.


Wonderful topic! This is the kind of info that should be shared around the web.
I am looking forward to this article with all the answers.
For myself I make a lot of to do lists and it helps keep me on track!
Thanks =)


I take breaks every 20 minutes. Then you don’t burn out. You can do the same moves for hours on end.


Motivation is hard.


Excellent blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
I’m planning to start my own website soon.


I need to say that I am really motivated by other artists. I look online for place where they are doing great work and then I want to do great work to.


My animation desk is suspended (via ropes that are lit on fire) above a pit of hungry, laser-equipped crocodiles. I try to complete the work before the ropes turn into ash…That’s motivation. 🙂

Jackson Fox

Excellent that we’ve a place to get together and talk about this stuff. I used to belong to a lot of animation BBS but they are mostly closed now or no one comes around. Thanks for being a spot for animators. 😉

For me motivation comes from my wife and daughter. If I feel like I want to quit, I look at their pictures on my desk and then say I HAVE TO KEEP GOING! 😀

Sabina K

I often listen to podcasts while working. I don’t want to leave my desk, because I don’t want to loose any part of the story, so I stay and get the work done.
The pomodore technique sounds so interesting! I have to try it!

Darell NC

I know what can help you, just type in google for:

Instant Motivation Go!


Haha I feel you guys! I always want to work on the side, but after animating for 8+ hours a day I pretty much just wanna lay in bed, watch a movie or play a video game. Doing stuff on the side feels super hard. I want to work on a new short film and animate on the side on friends’ projects but after a long day of work your brain is just exhausted.
But I am speaking about motivation after work. During work your biggest motivation should be passion. Whether its the project your wokring on, your love for animation or the pursue of following your dream and working towards your dream job.
If you are passionate you can and will get anywhere you want, because it’s linked with hard work and pushing yourself harder and harder every time.


I listen to a lot of very motivating podcasts including but not limited to Chris Oatley’s Artcast, and The Bancroft Brother’s Animation Podcast. They inspire me to keep going.


My development is switching between things I am working on. I will spend ten minutes on one artwork then ten on a different one. Then they are all fresh and new when my ten minutes is up!


I look at other people’s work and get jealous. Ha-ha!