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Giveaway: Bambi 2-Disc DVD

Bambi Giveaway

Seventy years ago Walt Disney Studios released the very first animated feature with an entirely animal cast. Here’s your chance to win a copy of the classic Bambi on DVD!

Bambi is one of those rare films that stand the test of time and change the world as we know it. After all, it sparked the everyday conversation analogy of comparing traumatizing events in movies AND life to when Bambi’s mother is killed. It’s even spawned many hilarious parodies over the years.

If you’d like a copy of Bambi for your personal animation library all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this article before July 8th, 2013. Be sure to put your valid email address so we can contact you if you win! (All email addresses remain private.)


For full guidelines and regulations, check the Animator Island giveaway rules.

Good luck to everyone who enters, and stay tuned next week when we’ll be featuring an update on Twinning in Animation!

EDIT: The contest has now ended, thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to the winner Mary C. Taylor!

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  1. Pete Lake says:

    can’t wait to watch this with my kids!

  2. Kelly says:

    What a classic movie!! Would love to win a copy! Thanks as always for the awesome site!

  3. Love the movie! awesome giveaway!

  4. Vince says:

    Still a beautiful movie and no one worried about kids in the audience handling the death scene. Guess kids were tougher then. One of the best parodies is still Bambi vs Godzilla.

    • J.K. Riki says:

      Yeah, Bambi vs. Godzilla is what always springs to my mind, ha ha. You’re right about the tougher kids aspect, too. These days most animated films quickly reverse any character deaths (or at least have them happen and quickly move on) lest parents and focus groups become angry. And can you imagine a scene like Pleasure Island in Pinocchio being done today?!

  5. agustin cassani says:

    Nice movie, thx for the giveaway

  6. Tom says:

    Great film especially for how long ago it was made

  7. MikeCR says:

    What a great movie, definitely a classic to have in ones collection 😀

  8. Mowanie says:

    Imagine going through the extend of the research they had to do to get the quadruped shots right.

  9. Luke Murray says:

    Worth a shot. Been a while since I watched Bambi.

  10. Mary says:

    Awesome! Here’s hoping I win! :)

  11. Rajesh says:

    I got stunned when I watched this movie six years ago. I will surely like to watch this movie with my kids again.

  12. Heather S says:

    SWEET! I’d la la LOVE to win! Thanks for the chance to :)

  13. Chris E says:

    Great movie! Haven’t watched since I was a kid. Many moons ago…

  14. Bharadwaj Akella says:

    Awesome.. Great giveaway. Thank you :)

  15. Bharadwaj Akella says:

    Awesome movie. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  16. Donald says:

    This is one movie I will pass down to my children and my grandchildren so they can experience this classic masterpiece!