Giveaway: Pixar Pair

In honor of the upcoming release of Disney Pixar’s Brave, Animator Island is giving away a two-for-one Pixar pack!

Brave hits theaters on June 22, 2012 and we here at Animator Island couldn’t be more excited about an original film from Pixar. Relive some of the best Pixar moments (and find out how the company came to be) with this combo of Pixar’s Greatest Hits CD and the book The Pixar Touch by David A. Price!

The contest is now closed, but you can still leave your favorite Pixar movie or moment in the comments below! Maybe it’s the triumphant airplane escape in Toy Story 2? Or the magic of reopening Boo’s door at the end of Monster’s Inc? Whatever it is, we want to hear what tops your personal list.

For complete rules and regulations you can click here. The winner will be notified via email, so be sure to use your valid address in the correct field when you leave your comment. Good luck, and be sure to check out Brave when it hits theaters soon!

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Tobias Kummer

The garbage shredder sequence in Toy Story 3 really got me. Well, the whole movie did, but that scene is pure gold.

Matt Johnson

The ending sequence for Monster’s Inc. was it for me. I really felt the “ending” where Boo goes home and they change the way the factory is running to laughter was a solid ending. But when they bring Sully back to Boo’s door with the last piece and open it – that truly was movie magic. The endings for Up and Toy Story 3 have come close, but nothing has felt as deep as Monster’s Inc.


My favorite PIXAR moment is the bit near the end of UP (spoilers for those who haven’t seen it) Carl has finally accomplished his goal of his house reaching the top of the falls with his house, but he’s lost Kevin, the bird, and he’s driven away Russel and Dug. He grabs his Adventure book from when he was a child, he flips through the pages, hoping it will make him feel something, something other than old and wretched, he reaches the end, and begins to close the book, he then spots the corner of a photo on the next page. He opens the page and is startled to find photos of him and his wife throughout their lives, with all the great moments he’s cherished, on the last page there’s a handwritten note from his wife, “Thanks for the great adventure, now go have your own!” He realizes that she was not upset at him for never being able to take her to Paradise Falls, she was simply happy to be with him. He then realizes that he needs to do the right thing help Russel. Great moment in a great movie.

Wolfgang Haas

I lmao when Mike did his standup comedy at the end of Monsters Inc. And all the ridiculous dog scenes in Up. And the whole part of Wall.E before the humans enter the story. I’m just a simple guy, laughing at the simplest jokes ๐Ÿ˜€ You now have to send this book to Europe ๐Ÿ˜›


Love them all really however I’d have to say my favorite favorite is the Pixar BIRDS short, the big ‘odd man out’ bird makes me laugh every time with his little HONK instead of chirp. And I love the bit where the birds at the end have no features and all scramble!

Bharat Nag

My favorite moment is when Eve tries to fix the broken down Wall-e but couldn’t turn him back to the same old Wall-e at the very end of the film. Suddenly those hand holding gestures were so emotionally intact that the bring his memory back. I just love that scene.


I have to go with the little girl terror in Finding Nemo. I don’t think I never laughed so hard when a character was introduced when she walked in the door! So funny!


One of the things that makes Pixar so great is that each film is so different from the others. They don’t tell the same story or use similar characters in any of their movies. I love that they focus on storytelling and think that the story could be told wether it’s a an old toy, fish or princess. It will be interesting to see how Pixar meets the usual standard we’re all use to while producing the sequels to their established characters. So far, so good!


“Matt Johnson – when they bring Sully back to Booโ€™s door with the last piece and open it โ€“ that truly was movie magic.” …totally agree, amazing!

But must say my favourite, so far, has to be the Night and Day short…brilliantly done, cannot stop watching it!


There are a lot of favorite moments in many Pixarfilms but one of my personal favorite is the Love Story of Carl and Elli in the beginning of Up and the sad ending of Elliยดs life.


There are really a lot of “favorite moments” for me in almost every one of Pixar’s films, and I don’t think I could decide anytime soon which scene was my favorite. After all, how do you compare the incredibly emotional scenes in Up, Monsters Inc, or Toy Story 3 to the perfectly timed humorous moments in the Incredibles, Wall-E, or any of the Pixar shorts?

Instead, I’d just like to say that Toy Story 3 comes out on top as my favorite Pixar film. It isn’t because Toy Story 3 necessarily had better story, characters, or style than any other Pixar film (though arguments could be made, I’m sure), but because I had practically grown up with the Toy Story crew my entire life. Woody and Buzz were like old childhood friends to me, and I had been worried that we might have outgrown each other like some of my other friends over the past ten years. I loved Toy Story 3 because it simultaneously connected with my inner child while at the same time appealing to what I perceived to be my “”more mature” self.


Gotta say my favorite is the beginning of UP. The magic of such a touching story conveyed purely through a few images and a waltz is wonderful.

Second favorite–Seeing Totoro in Toy Story 3.

Third favorite–Toy Story 3. That’s practically my life story.

suresh padmaraj

UP is my favorite movie . The most magical of all pixar movies ๐Ÿ™‚ . The sequence when Russel says “Phyllis isn’t my mom” and the silence that follows … beautiful .. beautiful sequence . Carl’s change of heart for that innocent KID .. oh my god .. beautiful .


My favorite Pixar movie, nay, movie PERIOD is WALL-E, and so it’s fitting that my favorite Pixar moment is almost certainly the space dance between WALL-E and EVE. I’m not sure what else needs to be said, but that entire scene is absolutely brilliant – the tension with the exploding capsule, the klutziness of the two trying to catch up with each other, and finally the choreographed beauty of the dance itself, overlaid with the definition… it’s a wonderful scene, and highlights what is probably my favorite romance in all of, well, everything.

Really, though, Pixar’s films are so full of phenomenal beauty and simply joy that there are so many applicable runner ups from probably every movie they’ve done.

Caleb J

My favorite moment from a PIXAR film? without any fanfare, because I stink at that stuff, my favorite moment has to be near the end of UP. (So, Spoilers) When Carl is flipping through his and his wife’s adventure book, after driving away all his newfound friends, he looks longingly through the photo album, wondering why, if he fulfilled their hopes to make it to paradise falls, is he still so empty. He reaches the last page of the pictures they had from their childhood and begins to close the book when he finds their wedding picture on the next page, he continues flipping to find some of their most cherished moments captured in their adventure book. he reaches the very last page to find a note from Ellie, “Thanks for the great adventure, now go have your own.” He then realizes that it wasn’t going to paradise falls that she wanted, it was just spending time with him. A sweet simple moment that perfectly climaxed the brilliant opening credits, and in my opinion, surpassed them.

Brett McCoy

My favorite was in “Monsters, Inc” and the homage to Chueck Jones’ “Feed the Kitty”, where Sulley thinks Boo is caught in the trash compactor. I always liked how Pixar would subtley acknowledge their debt to hand-drawn animation (and, of course, to stop-motion, like with the bar in “Monsters, Inc”, called ‘Harryhausens’).


When Nemo found his Dad… plain and simple.

Adarsh Girish

My favorite Pixar moment is Dori telling Marlin about her motto in life when Marlin is afraid to go deep into the ocean floor. “When Life gets you down, just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.


Ratatouille has been my favorite Pixar film since it came out! (Here’s to Brave changing that!) They created such a magic story and environment when Remy finds himself in Paris. The kitchen sequences, when he’s running around and cooking food are among my favorite. Having said that, the animation on Skinner is Oscar worthy!


Oooohhh man, picking a scene from a collection of movies comprised solely of fantastic scenes? Too much, too much.

While Ratatouille is probably my favorite of the bunch, the scene in Up when Carl finally gets to Paradise Falls (and everything leading up to his decision to go after Russel) just hits home for me every time.


The scene in UP, when I thought the movie was over and then RIGHT at the end the clouds parted only to show Carl’s house EXACTLY where him and his wife dreamed it would be. Their dream came true without them knowing it.
I almost never cry, and yet…that scene was just so powerful.

second favorite movie has to be Wall-E, a whole movie with almost no dialogue from the main characters yet tells a story perfectly. pure genius.

Sandesh Jadfhav

Well I don’t know whether I’m eligible or not. But that’s not gonna stop me from telling my favorite movie/ scene. Whatever. My favorite movie is Ratatouille and the ending scene when critic Anton Ego realizes how true was Chef Gusteau’s quote – “Anyone can cook” and he further explains what Gusteau truly meant by anyone can cook. “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” For me it’s – Nothing is Impossible. Great inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚


my favorite Pixar memory is the short that played before A Bug’s Life, called Geri’s Game. when my mother and I first saw it, we kept rewinding the tape so we could watch it again. such a brilliant piece!

NIcolai Marcher

The beginning of up, when the show us their past and how they met!


One of my favorite moment was the opening of UP on how carl and elie met and promised to go paradise fall , grow up and eventually left him without fulfilling the promise! It brings me to tears.


The scene in UP where we see Carl’s and Ellie’s whole Life in 5 minutes, without spoken words. For me, thats a true Pixar scene and demonstrates why this Company is at the peak of this industry.

Donald Olsen

I felt it in my heart when Wall-E was flying through space and putting his hand through the stars.


Watching Toy Story 2 every night before I went to bed when I was a kid. That was pretty fun.

Vaibhav Trivedi

My favourite is UP.